We're better together

You too can benefit from ‘the power of many’
by joining the UK’s biggest single name in networked law firms.

We can offer your law firm a greater level of opportunity for growth and stability in an uncertain marketplace through:

  • increased lead generation
  • shared cost efficiencies
  • technological innovations
  • the backing of a trusted brand.

We joined to be part of a legal brand with a scale and infrastructure larger than we could create and maintain with the investment we had available from our own resources.

Andrew Holroyd

QualitySolicitors Jackson Canter, Liverpool

The market is changing

Many independent law firms are struggling to succeed in a marketplace where consumers, overloaded with choice and information, often gravitate naturally towards the most visible brand.

We’ve developed a fresh, modern business approach to respond more effectively to the way UK consumers are increasingly seeking legal services. QualitySolicitors offers full head office support and expertise in commercial aspects of marketing, technology and compliance, leaving you to enjoy more freedom to concentrate on practising law.

As a QualitySolicitors partner firm, you’ll benefit from marketing campaigns designed to generate leads, technology innovations created to improve the way you work, and proven business policies to attract your clients into a better, more fulfilling customer experience.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you concerned about the industry changes caused by ‘Alternative Business Structures’?
  • Does your law firm generate a long-lasting brand connection that attracts more customers?
  • Would you benefit from a steady supply of legal services marketing materials targeted directly at your customer base?

We would recommend any firm looking for a long term partner to help grow their local market share should join QS .

Judy Brennan

QualitySolicitors Burton & Co, Lincoln

Support where you need it

We want to give QS members a decisive competitive local advantage that can significantly increase their turnover and profits, with significant cost efficiencies. And all while you enjoy more freedom to concentrate on practising law.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the benefits our partner firms are already enjoying.

Case generation

Regular national branded marketing campaigns provide excellent opportunities to attract more local business for you. And search engine optimised website referrals can very effectively capture pre-qualified leads who already know exactly what services they require. Read more

We’ve seen monthly web enquiries more than double, along with receiving training on the conversion of these, leading to a 12% increased fee income last year.

QualitySolicitors Talbots, West Midlands

Trusted brand

The QualitySolicitors brand brings a level of public visibility and private buying power that will help QS firms to dominate their local market. In an uncertain marketplace, having a strong national identity can significantly strengthen your local profile.

Read more

Our major brand strength is we combine national coverage with local roots, clients and interests.

Michael Trueman

QualitySolicitors Truemans, Oxford

Cost efficiency

While maximising revenue is one way of expanding your business, saving costs is of course another. Membership with a national brand brings economies of scale on training, marketing and advertising as well as synergistic connections with other like-minded law firms. Read more

QS’s plans for online payment and ID document automation etc. and their website will be at the core of making our practice more attractive to clients and more efficient and profitable.

Bruno Rimola

QualitySolicitors hpjv, Newport

Innovation and technology

As well as your own QualitySolicitors branded website, our technology support includes regular content updates and other cutting-edge expertise including search engine optimisation, compliance updates and CPD-accredited training for your staff. Read more

The development of clear and well defined service propositions – and the resources and support from QS centrally and other member firms – enables us to differentiate from our competitors and make our marketing more successful.

Richard Allen

QualitySolicitors Lockings, Hull

Retain your independence

Our unique model affords each of our Partner Firms the freedom to conduct their business as usual, while drawing on a huge central portfolio of resources covering business operations, branded marketing and innovative technology.

With a QualitySolicitors membership you won’t lose your own identity or independence. In fact, new partner firms have often reported instant results from introducing our recognisable national identity into their local area.

Quite simply, the QS model helps you generate more leads. But additionally, and crucially, with the backing of the QS brand you’ll also be better equipped to give your clients a more fulfilling customer experience.

As you’d expect, we limit our membership because we only seek partners who share our ethos of business growth through innovative branded marketing, with customer care at the heart of everything they do

Are you ready to be that law firm?

With QualitySolicitors, you choose:

  • How you run, market and develop your business.
  • Which of our national campaigns will be most profitable for you to participate in.
  • Which of our portfolio of marketing materials will work best for your law firm (adapt them yourselves to suit your local customer base, if you like).
  • Which of our innovative technology guides and new online developments to implement.

No part of joining QS has resulted in a ‘loss of independence’. To the contrary, the confidence and assistance QS has given us to build our business means we’re more independent than ever

Harvey Pabla

QualitySolicitors Yates & Co, Nottingham

Membership options

Becoming a QS member is a powerful opportunity not just to defend your business against changes in the market, but to grow and develop your local identity with the marketing, technology and compliance backing of an influential national brand.

And because different law firms have different expectations, plans, and budgets, we even offer different kinds of QS membership packages to suit.

Full membership
  • Exclusive territory
  • Full range of QS branding options
  • Fully hosted website with SEO support
  • Digital ‘How to’ guides
  • Compliance guidance, helpline, and COLP/COFA support
  • Access to a full range of expertise through Head Office
  • Plus much more
Find out more
Affiliate membership
  • Bespoke QS Affiliate Logo
  • Benefit of being part of a community
  • Access to cost savings
  • Fully hosted website
  • Compliance guidance
  • Access to a full range of expertise through Head Office
  • Plus much more
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To make the most of your membership, you have to be interactive- joining up, sitting back and doing nothing should not be an option and would be a waste of a great opportunity.

Balkar Bains

QualitySolicitors Lawrence Hamblin, Reading

Assessment and service standards

Even in today’s ABS environment, not all law firms share the QS outlook of pursuing profitable business growth by providing their high quality legal services backed by persuasive branded marketing, technology innovation and customer service excellence.

That’s why, before a law firm joins the QS family, our Risk and Compliance team will carry out a thorough assessment of that law firm to help ensure that joining our growing brand will be a positive, practical and profitable move for all concerned.

Recruiting a firm

Although we can’t disclose our assessment process in its entirety, as part of this procedure a law firm can expect us to evaluate the following elements:

  • Regulatory history
  • Complaints records
  • Reputation

Service level and Quality standards

Excellent customer service is at the very core of the QualitySolicitors model, and we expect Partner Firms to meet our service levels and quality standards.

Our Risk and Compliance team carry out on-going quality assurance reviews for all QS Partner Firms, and will then provide valuable feedback – for free – on any areas of improvement in order to help maximise your business conversion.

Rigorous assessment process

Customer feedback

Mystery shopping

Ongoing Quality Assesment Review

Service level agreement

3 ring pick up

Same day response

No hidden costs

Open on Saturday

Annual new business training

Let's talk

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